Home Improvement Update and other projects.

October 21, 2008 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment

Well we got about half of the drywall on the ceiling Sunday. Now I have to go over it and finish with the screws then tape and mud. The guys are coming over again this weekend to help finish installing the drywall. Then I get to finish the drywall and paint.

For the stairwell I have all the stair parts sanded except for the newel posts. Once they are all sanded I can start staining and finishing them. I’ll try and post a few pics tonight of the progress so you can see what I am up against.

After the basement is finished I get to start on my Arcade machine rebuild. Right now my ‘FrankenMAME’ is just an old computer cart with a control panel. Something my wife is not happy with and neither am I for that matter. Also alongside the MAME machine will be my wife’s Jukebox build. I have a touchscreen for this one so it will act like a huge iPod with video. Any left over MDF from these two machines will be used for my little joysticks.

One final project in the planing stage is my hand tool workbench. I have poured over the workbench book written by Christopher Schwarz. Using the valuable information in that tome I am nearing completion of the plans for my version of the Rubo bench that Christopher talks about. At this stage I am planing on a face vice on the left, a wagon vice on the right with a row of dog holes, an adjustable planing stop on the left end cap and a sliding deadman. I already have some of the ‘appliances’ made/on hand. I have a few bench hooks for various purposes and two hold fasts. I’ll be making the bench dogs when I build the bench. The wood is currently in a kiln drying and will be shipped to my home when it is ready. I am going to be using either Maple or Ash, depends on which stack dries better though Maple would be my preferred choice.

On top of all this I will continue to build my little joystick boxes. I need to sell some to help pay for my workbench and other items.

Game On!

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Home Improvement A package arrives

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He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
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