Oh the Woes of Home Improvement

November 7, 2008 at 5:37 pm Leave a comment

The deadline looms and the progress is weak.  The staining of the stair rail parts set me back almost a week on the schedule.  Thankfully the TransTint dye worked out well but the poplar soaked up the finish as bad as MDF.  I used over a dozen spray cans of polyurethane and it still didn’t coat completely.  I ended up following up with a sanding sealer and that finally got a decient finish to work with.  I’ll have to follow up with a brush on finish now.  At least my Dad was able to get the main runs installed this week.  I had planned on posting pics but I forgot the camera at home today.

I was up until 1am last night working on the drywall last night.  The first coat of joint compound was rough and the sanding was taking way too long by hand.  I took my random orbit sander connected to my shop vac just to make any headway.  However it was too aggressive and cut down to the joint tape in several areas.   Resolved to having to do a second coat on the joint compound I got about 3/4 done last night.

I am running out of time and there is no way I can do the floor as I had hoped early on.  Tonight is opening night for the musical and we have tickets.  Once we get back from the show I’ll be heading downstairs again to try and finish the second coat on the joint compound.  Saturday I’ll be hand sanding what few rough areas remain and painting.  Then I have to clean up the floors and everything else and perpare for the party on Sunday afternoon.

Game (yawn) On!

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Progress report Deadline met (sort of)

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