Deadline met (sort of)

November 11, 2008 at 5:43 pm Leave a comment

Those of you who follow me on Twitter saw the announcements of the various stages over the weekend. I made the deadline of Sunday afternoon for the cast party. However because of the problems with staining and finishing the poplar spindles I lost a week of work. I didn’t get the floor installed like I had hoped and there is still an area at the bottom of the stairs where the drywall needs to be installed.

The game room was rearranged so there was room for the pool table, Foosball table, dartboard and arcade machine. The guys for the most part hung out there. The other room had a large carpet remnant laid out with the TV, VCR and DVD player. The girls spent most of their time here. This is where the kids watched the video of the Wizard of Oz. This was the musical that they put on stage this year. There were so many kids there that you couldn’t walk around without stepping on one.

I came home from work last night to see all four of our kids down there enjoying the space. I almost don’t want to tear up the one room just to install the laminate wood flooring. But I know if I don’t I’ll hear it from my wife. I also have to organize the shop again as I can’t even walk in there right now.

On the joystick front I was able to finish two painted MDF cases and the both sold to the same person. These cases were empty shells but had the holes drilled for the buttons and joystick. He bought them as Christmas gifts. Wish I had more on hand as this is the perfect time to be selling these items. I also finished a custom ordered painted MDF case. I’ll post pictures of them in the near future. These will be the last of the painted MDF as winter has paid a visit to the midwest. Also a friend/competitor of mine has opened a full website store and is selling out on a regular basis. You can see his site at I hope to be following in his footsteps someday.


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