Finishing touches

November 14, 2008 at 7:10 pm Leave a comment

One more weekend and I should have the basement completely finished.  I was able to get the last of the drywall hung on the ceiling last night and most of the mud put up before I ran out, DOH.  I also have one piece of drywall for the wall that needs to be installed. I’ll pick up another bucket on the way home from work today.  I also need a new blade for my miter saw so I’ll get a good one while I am there.

Tonight I finish the mudding of the drywall and get things cleared out to start laying the laminate wood floor.  I hope to have that done on Saturday and sand the mud smooth.  I’ll follow up with paint and a few minor touch ups where we went a little wild with the paint last weekend.  After a final cleaning I am free from home imporovment.  I just have to say I am no Tim Allen.

A Special thank you goes out to Shannon Rogers of the Renaissance Woodworker podcast.  His recient podcast (#12) got me thinking about doing some small production runs of my joystick cases.  I was still having problems setting up my miter saw to make perfect compound miters for my cases.  I sent him an email and he pointed me to an article in Fine Woodworking. “Compound Miters Without the Math”.  The article goes through the process of creating a setup block for a table saw and miter gauge.   I should be able to use it to setup my miter saw and get perfect cuts every time.  With a few other minor setups I should be able to batch out 6 or so cases at a time.

One final tidbit Capcom is in the process of getting Street Fighter IV ready for release on Playstation 3, XBox 360 and the PC.  The scheduled release date is Febuary 2, 2009.  Once I sell a few more cases I’ll be pre-ordering a PC version.  This will become my test platform to make sure that my full joysticks work as they are suposed to.


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Deadline met (sort of) Final tasks

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