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Restock Possibility

This is no longer a possibility but a reality.  There will be a minor restock of unfinished blank cases at 12pm Central time on Sunday, March 22.

The possibility of having a small amount of unfinished poplar cases is very real for this upcomming weekend.  I’ll know more for sure after we finish working tonight.  I’ll update this post at that time.

These cases will be drilled for six 30mm buttons on the top and three 24mm buttons on the side.  Also the joystick hole will be set for either a Sanwa JLF with flat plate or a Seimitsu LS-32 with ‘S’ style plate.  I hope to have the web store in limited operation as well.  This means that security will be in full force as it should be but the content will be minimal.

As time moves foward and I get more work done on the web store there will be more content including more products and instalation instructions for the LED kits I will be offering.  There will also be a page for keeping tabs on the progress of custom orders, which by the way I am fully booked.  At this time here is the list of products that will/may be offered on the site.  This list is subject to change.

  • Unfinished cases such as what may be offered this weekend
  • Finished cases like the curly maple cases I offered for sale recently
  • Completed joysticks including all controls and electronics for one console.
  • The Artistic Series of joysticks, these will be one off upscale designs that will be offered on occasion.
  • Electronics such as button light up kits, joystick light up kits and other special electronics
  • Custom ordered joystics.  These will be limited to at max 4 full custom joysticks at any given time.

There will be no waiting list for any products that are sold out or for custom orders.  The reason behind this is I don’t want to have the additional pressure to get things done for the current customers so I can get to those on a waiting list.  Pressure of this nature tends to cause mistakes and sub par work.  I will however be setting up an email list to make announcements of restocks in the future.  Watch this space for more information.

Working Rough Wood

Now to change gears to one of the other topics I like to talk about.  Working with wood in particular hand tools used to shape the wood.  Recently there was a conversation on Twitter started by Rick Waters of the Splintered Board Podcast.  He asked the woodworkers on Twitter how to take a 1″ thick board and thin it down “thickness” to a reasonable 3/4″.  The caveat was that poor Rick didn’t have a thickness planer nor the funds to purchase one.  Hmm, sounds like me. 😉  The Twittering woodworkers sprang to the challenge.  Some offered links to sites where the information was stored.  Others offered sage advice, some offered tools (hand planes).

Finally two other podcasters came to the rescue with episodes devoted to this very topic.  This week both Shannon Rogers of The Renisance Woodworker and Mack McKinny of The Way of the Gloot podcasts released their versions of this time honored tequinique.

Shannon’s is a video podcast where he shows the full process starting with a rough sawn timber.  He covers how to flatten one side of the board.  Next he shows how to take the second side of the board down to the proper thickness.  Finally he covers how to flatten the second side to be parrallel to the first.

Mack’s is an audio podcast and he is the only fully ‘galoot’ podcast out there.  The real difficulity of this type of informative podcast is that he is discussing a very visual task, verbally.  Mack pulls it off quite well and his is a good compainion podcast to Shannon’s. After listening to both podcasts all I want to do is head into the shop and make some thin whispy shavings.  Which by the way is how Mack sign’s off on all of his podcasts.

I want to thank Rick for posing the question and to Shannon and Mack for answering the call.  I understood the process but never had it explained in such great detail.


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