Opening Day

March 22, 2009 at 7:51 pm Leave a comment

Today got off to a stuttering start then revved into action.  I opened the store at noon with 9 unfinished blank cases and my Bubinga case for sale.  In short order I noticed that there was a problem.  Messages started coming in from potential customers about shipping issues.  After looking into the situation I realized that my USPS internet account had not been moved from their test environment to production.  I hoped against all hope and called their 800 number.  Surprising to me there were operators manning the phones.  They quickly fixed the problem for me and I was good to go.

Because this had eaten up almost an hour I held off reopening the store until 2pm to give most everyone a fair chance.  I posted in my business thread on SRK what was going on as well as a big red note on the home page of the store.  So everyone was aware of the situation and that it had been fixed.  So we all waited until 2pm for a restart.

2pm came and opened the store only to see my entire stock of unfinished cases disapear in 2 minutes.  These sold so fast that someone snuck in before the gates closed and purchased case #10.  Only there was not any case #10.  I vowed to honor the purchase even if I had to make it from scratch.  So after looking around the shop for a bit I found a half finished case.  It just needed some sanding and a top and bottom panel as well as the mounting blocks.  This case should be finished tomorrow night and shipped out on Tuesday.

Game On!!

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