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With both Christian and myself dealing with ill health it looks like there will be no restock this weekend. If we did the quantities may be so small as to not be worth it. So with the following weekend being Easter weekend we can shoot for Saturday or the weekend after.

We also need the extra time to deal with quality control issues. We rushed so hard to get the first batch out that there were several steps that were missed. There were also a few cases that were delivered as unacceptable. These are being dealt with and those customers affected will be satisfied to the best of our ability.

Christian is not experienced in wood working at all, so I need to take him step by step and check his work as he progresses. My wife will be taking over quality control before any cases are listed for sale. If a case fails her inspection that case will either be scrapped or the problem fixed.

On the positive side we are starting to see some pictures of the first batch of cases as they are finished by their owners. None are complete yet but you can tell that they are excited to have them ready to use soon.

A disturbing development

The frenzy surrounding SFIV has reached a fever pitch. Manufacturers have sold out and are unable to meet demand.  Parts suppliers have stopped taking orders because they can’t keep up.  Custom stick builders trying to build on demand and are constantly booked or aren’t taking orders anymore.  Game players scrambling around trying to get a joystick before tournaments.  It is enough to drive anyone crazy.

I am seeing an increase in questions as to when we will restock.  I don’t want to see a situation where we have to scramble to honor any extra orders that slip though.  We may start doing silent restocks.  In other words there will not be any announcement as to when cases will be avaliable.  When a few are ready they will be posted.  There will be no bi-weekly patern and they could be stocked any day during the week.  This way hopefully there will not be any mad dash to try and get one before someone else does.

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Opening Day A little tease

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