Host Hunting

Thanks to some stupid hackers my old host has kicked me off of their servers. The hackers redirected my site to a known phishing site. Even after I made sure all patches had been applied to my scripts they still got through a second and third time.

I am currently hunting for a new company to host my sites. What I need is a host that will help me secure my site and prevent hackers from taking over my site. I need an e-commerce solution and informational site without breaking an already broken bank. I am a poor businessman not a web designer so I also need a little hand holding and guidance. This has also affected my wife’s site which is just an informational site for her salon. If you have a candidate for my consideration please leave a comment to this post.


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Under the weather (2)

Man I hate this time of year.  Colds and flu are flying around and I have a couple of germ carriers living in the house, my kids.  The cold that I came down with has turned into bronchitis.  Thanks to the visit to the doctor I should be back on my feet soon.  I have more joysticks to finish and a few others to get started.   Plus I finally got the artwork corrected for my personal joystick.

I want to get my stick finished soon because there is a local tournament that is on November 14th.  Here is some information:

In collaboration with Trucoudy and Rising Sun Promotions we would like to bring you the first big Street Fighter tourney in Des Moines. Why “Redemption” you ask? Rising Sun ran their first Street Fighter tournament on August 3rd and a lot of participants and friends of Rising Sun want a second chance at victory.

November 14th starting at 1pm

615 3rd Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: 515.333.5050
Fax: 515.333.5056


There will be four main event games that will be $10 to join each. These games are
-Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
-Smash Bros: Brawl (Wii)
-Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix (PS3)
-Street Fighter 3: Third Strike 2v2 teams (PS2)

Payouts for all games will be 70/20/10

Side tourneys so far are
-Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core $5 (PS2) (Ran by Klaige)
-Mystery Tournament $1 (?) (Ran by Sonny)
-BlazBlue $5 (Ran by Klaige)
-Puzzle Fighter HDRemix (Ran by EvilZangief)
-Tatsunoko VS Capcom (Wii) (Ran by Kamig)
-Smash Bros Melee

More information can be found on the SRK forums.  Link


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Special Effects

Finally after 7 months of off and on work I have finished a joystick that will open the doors for new custom effects. This started back in February with a request for something special from a customer. Adam wanted a joystick that would have the quality of some of the guitars he has owned over the years. Curly maple being his favorite. He contacted me when I had some dyed curly maple cases for sale. I started out wanting to purchase a green blank case. However the figure on the case was not wild enough and the green was too bright.

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Under the weather

I came down with a bad cold this week.  Needless to say I have not been in any condition to deal with much of anything.  While I am on the mend I am still not 100% and it may take another few days before I am back to being myself.

I want to thank one of my customers for alerting me to the fact that my webiste was down this evening.  After a long conversation with a very helpful customer support agent my site is back up and working as it should.  I will be taking further steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

On a positive note I got the stitches taken out of my hand today.  The area is still tender and it hurts when I use that hand to grip something like a wire cutter.  There is one small area that didn’t fully seal so I have to be extra careful over the next week while it heals over.  However I am relearning to use my left hand for tasks as much as possible.

I am currently working on the electronics bench tonight.  I am hopeful to be able to finish a stick for a customer who has been waiting since February.  He had some special requests that took be a while to learn a few things.  My next blog post should contain the result of his patience, thanks Adam.


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Webstore back up

The web store is now back in operation.  We became a victim of a hack for our shopping cart software.  Thankfully a backup of the entire site was made last week so it was an easy thing to recover from and apply the necessary patch.

Since we don’t store any payment information on the site your information is safe.  That is all handled through PayPal.  So those of you who have setup accounts on the site and have made purchases through us have nothing to worry about.  All the credit card and PayPal account information is safe and secure with PayPal.  We have never seen this information and never will.

Game On!

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Web Store down

Due to someone hacking into the website I have had to take down my web store.  At this point I don’t know how long it will be down as I am just getting ready to dig into the situation.  I will post a new blog entry when the site is up and running again.


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October Restock

Well even with the injury my assistant has been able to finish up the blank cases I was working on.  The final count is 8 chamfered cases and 4 rounded cases.   I have no space for custom orders though.  This is because I do most of the work on those myself.  With my injury I can only do a limited amount of things and only for a short period of time.

I am still plugging away at a few of the custom orders that are at the final stages.  Hopefully I’ll have them done in the next week or so.  I have one special job that really expanded my offerings in custom lighting.  It is also challenging my ability to fit 10 pounds of electronics into a 5 pound box.  Just kidding but this case is really giving me a workout in placing all the parts.  You will see when I post the pictures.

Game On!

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